BetVisa Fishing Games for Bd Players

Bengali players can enjoy a one-of-a-kind type of entertainment while playing casino games in our lobby – all thanks to the special BetVisa fish games that offer unique gameplay and great winning probability.

The BetVisa fish online games are placed in a special category for quick access, and our collection counts around 70 games of this kind.

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Gambling Fishing Games on BetVisa - Meet the Game

What are Fishing Games?

Fishing games are a special kind of casino game where a BD player is supposed to hit a target, usually a fish, with the help of a weapon, like a cannon or a harpoon. This online casino game is close to a skill-based one, so If you decide to play a BetVisa fish game, you should train your accuracy, aiming, and much-needed balance.

When playing BetVisa casino fish games, the point is to shoot or catch as many possible fish or any other underwater sea animals or creatures, which will increase your rewards proportionately – the more of them you shoot, the bigger the rewards you gain. The theme of all these games is similar, and it is related to water and underwater life, usually portraying shooting fish or other animals in the lake or even more horror-based storylines like catching monsters in the deep sea.

Fishing games are very easy to understand and play because the rules are elementary, and they don’t involve complicated pay tables or passive gameplay of any kind.

Details about Fishing Games at BetVisa Casino - What should know about the Fishing Game

How to play BetVisa Fishing Games

In order to start playing our BetVisa fishing online games, you should be registered on our official casino website and be older than 18. Once you tick these criteria, follow these steps in order to enjoy the entertaining fish games on our website.

  1. Go to our online casino website and sign in to your account.
  2. Visit the Cashier and choose one of the presented deposit methods to fund your account.
  3. Return to the Homepage and select the category ‘Fishing’ from the horizontal menu.
  4. Select from the available software providers.
  5. Browse through the displayed BetVisa fish games.
  6. Choose one game, enter the bet amount, and start aiming.

How to start playing Fishing Games on BetVisa - step-by-step instructions

Fishing Games Collection

Our BetVisa fishing games collection includes more than 70 online casino games of this type, provided by around 10 reputable game vendors for Bengali players.

Once you click on the ‘Fishing’ category, you’ll be able to choose your preferred provider right away, thus entering the lobby of fishing games on our official site. Later on, you can easily navigate the fish games by selecting to filter them to the following subcategories – Featured and Play For Fun. Additionally, if you have a specific game in mind, you can use our Search button, which is the fastest option for playing your favorite online BetVisa fish game.

The most played games of this type among our loyal players from Bangladesh are the following.

  • Royal Fishing;
  • Crazy Hunter;
  • Bombing Fishing;
  • Happy Fishing;
  • Fierce Fishing.

Fishing Games collection at BetVisa casino for players from Bangladesh

Available Software Providers

Gamblers from Bangladesh will recognize several of the most popular software providers on the market currently, and these supply our online lobby with the best quality BetVisa casino fishing games. Right now, there are 8 software vendors who present their online games in our lobby, and they can be filtered by showing games by a specific one in this section.

In the table below, we showcase each software provider and the number of games present in our lobby.

Providers fishing game on the site BetVisa casino - full list

Software ProviderNumber of BetVisa Fish Games
JDM Gaming7
Fa Chai Gaming5
Joker Gaming15
KA Gaming22
Spade Gaming4


What are fish games?

Fishing games are a distinct type of online casino games which are somewhat skill-based because it involves the aiming and accuracy skills of the particular gambler. These games, which are present in the BetVisa fish section, revolve around catching or shooting fish or other maritime animals with a special weapon, and these all hide special prizes. The more you shoot, the bigger the number of prizes you gain.

How can I play BetVisa fish online games?

The process of starting to play BetVisa casino fish games isn’t complicated at all. You should first register or log in to an existing account and go to the Cashier to deposit certain money you will need to wager on fish games. Then, click on the ‘Fishing’ category from the homepage and choose a software provider. After that, just select your BetVisa fishing game and start aiming for the target.