Private Policy

When it comes to privacy, BetVisa does not disappoint since we are committed to protecting the players’ personal information. Thankfully, the privacy policy of our platform will always allow you to know the details that we collect whenever you want to utilize our services, the reasons why we collect these details and how we intend to use the details collected.

Remember that the Privacy Policy is an agreement between this platform and you. In fact, the Privacy Policy is a segment of  BetVisa terms and conditions. If we alter the Privacy Policy, we shall always notify you early in advance so that you can remain abreast of them. Since these changes will always be posted on this platform, consider visiting the Private Policy section every now and then.

About the privacy policy on the BetVisa website - more information

To start with, we collect details from our players so that we can identify them. Some of the details that we collect include:

It is imperative to note that you might be asked to provide your personal details whenever you visit this site, register your account or utilize our services. Once you provide us with the above-mentioned details, this information will be stored in servers that are located in different parts of the world.

Methods of collecting and processing data

We may collect your personal details anytime you utilize our services or via other forms of interactions and communication via the BetVisa platform. Besides this, we may get these details from other carriers, customer lists that are legitimately acquired from 3rd party vendors, different carriers and so on. The good news is that the personal information obtained from these sources will be used as stipulated in the Privacy Policy.

About the collection of player data on the BetVisa website

Information usage

Once we obtain your personal information, we normally use it for the following purposes:

  • To provide the much-needed customer support;
  • To deliver our services;
  • Undertake any needful identity verification or security checks;
  • Facilitate your participation when it comes to 3rd party promotions;
  • Process any online transaction;
  • Meet certain business requirements or any other purposes that is related to how this platform offers its services.

Besides the above-mentioned purposes, your personal details can be used to offer you promotional offers and details regarding the services and products offered by this platform. In addition, it can offer you promotional offers and details regarding the services and products offered by this platform’s partners.

How BetVisa uses players' personal information

Certain Excluded disclosures

We are capable of disclosing your personal information in case the law prompts us to take such actions. Better still, we can disclose your personal information in order to:

  • Protect the personal safety of other users of this platform’s services;
  • Defend and protect our property or rights.

Apart from the above, we can disclose your personal information in case you are deemed to have attempted to defraud or cheat this platform. This also applies whenever you try to engage in the following activities:

  • Payment fraud;
  • Game manipulation;
  • Using stolen credit cards;
  • Money laundering;
  • Reversal of payments or chargebacks.

If you are found guilty of the above, your personal information will be shared with other credit card companies, banks, online gaming sites and other relevant authorities so that stern action can be taken against you.

Reasons for disclosing player information on the BetVisa website


You are at liberty to opt out in case you do not want to want receive any promotional communication from this platform. Here, you need to select the opt-out option on your BetVisa’s account settings be good to go. Also, you can opt-out by sending us an email or contacting our customer support team.

Apart from wanting to opt-out from the promotional communication, you can also reach out to our customer support team in case:

  • You want to update your personal information.
  • You want to confirm whether your personal information collected is correct or not.
  • You have an issue with how we utilize your personal information.

What access a BD user can get on the BetVisa site

Consent to use of electronic service providers

For you to play games on our platform, you need to make payments from time to time. Once you make payments, we shall utilize 3rd party electronic payment systems to process them.

Consent to security review

We have the right to carry out a security review at any moment in order to ensure that the details that you provided during the registration process are correct. In addition, we may conduct a security review so as to verify how you carry out your financial transactions and utilize our services.

Once you start using our services, you agree to our terms and conditions and thus give us permission to utilize your personal information for purposes of validation of the above-mentioned activities.

About player protection methods on the BetVisa site


Once you provide us with your details, we store it directly in a database that is both password-protected and encrypted. Since the database remains within our network, be certain that your details will remain safe and confidential.

Protection of minors

We do not allow individuals who are below the age of 18 years to use our services. In case you want to use our service, you must be at least 18 years and above. If a minor tries to register for our services, his or her submission shall not be accepted by all means.

International Transfers

The personal information that we collect can be stored and processed in any state where suppliers, affiliated, or even agents are. Once you start using our services, you give us permission to transfer data outside your state or country. However, our affiliates, agents and supplies have to comply with the set privacy standards regardless of where they are located.

3rd party usage

There is no guarantee that the information that you provide to a 3rd party that links to our services that it will remain safe. This is because these 3rd party sites are operated and owned by independent people. Therefore, any information that you share with a 3rd party will be governed by the 3rd party’s privacy policy.

Legal disclaimer

It is imperative to note that our services operate ‘AS-AVAILABLE’ and ‘AS-IS’. Therefore, we are not liable for any event that is beyond our control as a platform. As a result, do not expect an error-free experience whenever you are using our services.


We may store small text files on devices that have been used to access our services. Typically, these are known as cookies. Here, we use flash cookies to track how you are using our services from any location in the world. Therefore, we can use cookies to monitor our web traffic or even improve ours so that you can have a user-friendly experience from your end.

Once you start using our services, it shows that you have agreed to our Privacy Policy. The current version of the Privacy Policy supersedes the previous version. It is imperative that you read out Privacy Policy alongside the terms and conditions so that you can know how we operate and what to expect.

Other websites

Our site might contain links to other websites that are beyond our control and are not covered by this policy. In case you access these sites from your end, the operators of these sites will collect some details from you which will be used as per their privacy policy.

Since their privacy policy is different from ours, be sure that we are not liable for what happens to your personal information. In case there are issues, the owners of these sites shall be solely responsible for the possible problems that might emanate thereafter.

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